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Web Site Design
All Design packages can include any or all of the following:
bullet Registration and search of your requested Domain (assuming it's available)
  • Web-based E-Mail
  • NO ADS Unless you request that they be included to help you make money like GoogleAdwords Ads or Ad Banners....
  • E-Mail Forwarding from your site to an email you may already have established
  • E-Mail auto responder
  • Guest books
  • Hit counters to show you live, how many people have visited your site, or hidden and the stats are emailed to you so that only you know how many visitors you have
  • Daily Backups
  • Fast Hosting Server
  • Updates as often as YOU want and need
  • Monthly accruing charges but convenient Quarterly Billing
  • Design, Publish, and maintain your entire site
  • Your input and approval on all content prior to publishing
  • A goal of 24 hours or less turn around on all updates that you request
  • More site designs to choose from than I can even count
  • Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 98% or more up time guaranteed or you receive credit for lost time
  • I am even willing, if you're fairly local to me, say in Northern Missouri or Southern Iowa to come to your location and take any photos you'd like for your initial setup and even for updates if time allows.  Or you can take your own photos and I can walk you through emailing them to me, and there is always regular postal mail and I can scan in anything you want on your site so long as it adheres to my terms of service and contract. 
    Current Potential Web Design fees include but are not limited to:(click here to view a sample design contract)

    §    $95.00 Flat rate initial set up fee for the site itself which includes but not limited to Initializing an account, Initial setup of a five (5) page website and using a pre-designed web template that YOU will choose, from a huge variety in current stock, and up to 50 email forwarded/web based email accountssetup. This account does NOT include a special domain name, any Database, or special Code Writing.
    (these three items will be charged for on a case by case basis) 


    §      $45.00/hour: Web Site editing, layout, and design

    §      $65.00/hour and up: Various Initial Script editing and writing.

    §      $15.00 annual fee for *Domain Name Search and/or Registration

    §      $95.00 one time fee to move any existing site to new web hosting location

    §      Average estimated cost per additional page:  $90.00 or 2 hours billed time

    §      Average estimated time per image editing and incorporation into site:  10 minutes

    §      Hourly rate will be rounded to the next 1/2 (one half)  hour increment

    §       AFTER YOUR SITE IS UP AND RUNNING, Then the following monthly charges would apply: 
    $50.00/Month and UP:  Database driven site with and without special coding
    $28.00/Month: Large Business Site (a site that requires bi-weekly or more often updates and does NOT include a database or special Code writing) Web Hosting and Up to 50 Email forwarding accounts. 
    Or $18.00/month
    Small Business or Family Site (a site that requires monthly or fewer updates) 

    **Monthly charges on any of the above accounts are dependent upon size and updating intervals, and to be decided on an account by account basis.

    NEW!!!   POP3 Mail Now available too!  If you have your own domain name... I now offer up to 10 POP3 email accounts that can be configured via Outlook or any other mail program.  No surfing the web with add supported sites to retrieve your mail, and NO ADVERTISING OR POPUP ADS.  Complete with Spaminator!  View and store it on your computer or if you are away from your desk you can retrieve it via any computer with internet access and without compromising your security or privacy. 
    For ONLY $20 Per year!! (in addition to above pricing)

    For Example:

    Lets say you wanted to set up a web presence like the one you are looking at right now...... (EXCEPT it would only include 5 pages total) your estimated cost would be the initial $95.00 setup fee which includes your first 30 days live on the internet.  You would then be billed monthly based on how often you need updates.  A family site, for example may only need monthly pictures and info added.  A business or catalog site may need weekly or more often.  Once I set the site up you're looking at right now, for example, you would be charged $18.00 per month plus the $15.00 annual domain renewal fee.  That's IT!!  And again .......I have hundreds of layouts and designs already in stock to choose from. 

    It can include:  Chat rooms, Web Cam pages, Form Pages, Contact pages that let people email you directly from your site, Pay Pal Setup, several e-commerce solutions, initial submission of your site to major search engines, databases, and so much more.

    Basically, if you see it online now, it can happen for you!  From the very basic informational Single page web space to a multi-page Commercial Site!  Your web presence is only limited by your ideas and mine!  If you are surfing the net and see some idea you like, bookmark it and send me the link.  I'm willing to take a look at just about any thing and can let you know IN ADVANCE if its possible for me to attain and how much that may cost.  But, once your site is designed and up and running, the cost to you is ONLY the monthly hosting fees based on your update requests....(see above)  Commercially, I don't know anywhere else you can get this kind of advertising and exposure for this price!!

    With your own Domain Name, (www.your name here.com) you can add your Web Presence Location to any business card, letterhead or any other document you'd want to, and no additional cost to you!  I'll even give you the graphics from your website to utilize on your letterhead or business cards if you like.  I'll even help you use them and DESIGN your letterhead and business cards for you as well.

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