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Computer Repair and Full System Builds to YOUR Specifications
Current Potential fees include but are not limited to:
bullet $45.00  Service Call fee for an initial diagnostic exam of your system
  • $45.00 /hour Labor charges rounded to the next half hour
  • $45.00 /hour Consulting and Training
  • $45.00 /hour Computer repair**Price per hour does NOT include parts
     replaced during any computer repair.  All replacement parts will be billed as a separate cost.
  • If all I need to do is is your system of a virus/trojan and it's a simple software issue, it's usually only a service call charge (see above)
  • $5  Install Software per program in addition to service call charge. *Cost of software to be billed to client.*
  • I also build complete computer systems to your specifications, specializing in high-end systems, and would be glad to give you a quote.  I'll need to know what you have in mind first then we can set a price.  Depending on how long the parts take to get ordered, I can have a new system built within one week usually.


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