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Frequently Asked Questions:

Table of Contents

  1. About DebSpace.com
  2. WebHosting Questions
  3. Changes and Content On Your Site Designed by Me
  4. Email and Web Address
  5. Billing Questions
  6. Limits on Web Sites that You Design

About DebSpace.com

Q=Where are you located?
A=Currently I am physically located in Northeast Iowa but, thanks to the internet, I can take care of an account from almost anywhere in the world.

Q=Do you have a "bricks and mortar" business site that I can visit locally?
A=No, currently I do all my business online and from my home. As this grows, I may build a separate home office when the need arises, but for now I love working from home.

Q=Why do you not show your last name or address or phone on this site?
A=I am very willing to provide that information at your request privately, but we are adoptive parents again and have been requested by the adoption agencies to not disclose our last name anywhere publicly as to not be identifiable for a closed adoption.

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Web Hosting Questions

Q=How much does it cost?
A=Click HERE for that answer.  With plans starting at just $2.95 per month!  All Hosting plans are listed in detail there.

Q=What do you allow for content on my site?
A=See our Terms of Service.  There are certain things you must agree to before subscribing to our service.

Q=Can I have POP3 email with my hosting package?
A=Yes, both the hosting packing as well as the Design package offer POP3 email, but with the Hosting package it's included in the price where as in the Design package it's an add on.

Q=Can I register my domain through you as well or do I go outside DebSpace.com for that?
A=Yes!  We can register your domain for you and can also move your domain for you if you would like that.  The cost is $15 per year and that includes so many tools it's hard to believe.  Email me or use the Contact Me page if you'd like more information about that.

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Changes and Content On Your Site that wasDesigned by Me

Q=How soon will my site be up and live, and can I make changes?
A=Part of that depends on how much detail you want and how many pages it entails. Once you have decided on the content I can give you a better Idea. It usually takes me two to three days to put everything together and it takes that long to get your domain live sometimes. I have no control over that part. It's the registrar. As for making changes, you get me the info as soon as you want a change and I'll see to it personally that the changes are made and published ASAP. I'll be able to give you an expected date of publish when I receive your changes.  My goal is to have a "less than 48 hour" turn around from the time I receive your request until it's updated and live online.  If it needs to be faster then I will do my best to work with YOUR time frame.

Q=What happens if something on the website needs updating or corrected?
A=You can contact me via the contact page, the feedback page, email directly, regular US Postal Service, fax, or by phone at any time. I will provide you with my full name, address, and phone upon your first billing. It's on all my invoices.

Q=Can I do my own updates to my web space?
A=Not at this time on the sites that I develop.  I may look into that further but to be honest, that's the service I'm looking to provide. (If you know how and want to do your own updates I don't see that you need my services. You should instead look into Web Hosting.)  It also makes it harder to detect where the problem lies if there is one, when I didn't do the updates or watch them being done.

Q=Can you keep a catalog of my current products up to date?
A=Yes, see above questions about updates. It is my goal to have any and all updates finished and published on the web with a "less than 48" hour turn around. If you need it expedited faster than that be sure to let me know. I currently am working from home and have set aside some spare hours each and every day for updates only. It is my intent to process all updates upon receipt. Depending on the details of the update, it should be published the same day.

Q=Can you assist me in setting up a merchant account?
A=Yes, and working together to set up exactly what you want. It also may include a fee from the Merchant account holder, but I have no control over that and you would be responsible for their direct billed charges to you or your company.

Q=Do you have limits to size of a web presence or web page?
A=Not currently. Check the design page for pricing.

Q=I see that your personal web spaces have photographs in them. Can you publish Photographs on a business site?
A=Yes. Anything that can be put on a personal site can be put on a business site and visa versa.  If it's not too far to travel from my area, I'm even willing to come to you and take your photos to publish.  If it's a longer distance, I'm still willing, but we'd have to discuss the terms of that idea.

Q=Do you use forms, java scripts, multimedia and other technical coding in your web design?
A=Yes..... but remember that the more content you want the longer it may take go to live. It may add an additional day to the setup to get all scripts working and appearing the way you want it to exactly.

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Email and Web Address or URL

Q=What about email?
A=I can explain this further, but essentially you have almost unlimited (at least up to 50) email addresses available for forwarding. For it to work you must have your own email account already active (which I can set up for you as well)  and then I forward all your email to that address automatically from the domain server. That's the easiest option. There are web mail options and pop mail options as well. We can discuss this further as your site progresses.

Q=Do you offer POP3 Email Accounts?
A=As a matter of fact, yes we do.  It's available in both theHosting Plans as well as theWebDesign Plans.  Depending on what you need we have it covered.

Q=Do you have any email features like email forwarding or auto response?
A=Yes, both, see above.  These two options are included in the price as well!

Q=What about my web address, can it be .com, .org, .net, or anything else that is available?
A=Yes pretty much. The only limit is that it has to be available for purchase. During the setup process I will get a list of several suggestions  from you as well as do a complete search for you of what's available in the list that you'd be interested in. And you'll know what your domain will be called before it's ever registered and purchased.

Q=Can I change my domain name later if I don't like it?
A=It's possible, but once it's registered and paid for, the registrar has a "no refund" policy. What that means is that you'd have to purchase and register a new name for another year's term at the cost to you of $15.00, and annual renewal fees would only have to be paid on the name you decided to keep and the other one would be allowed to expire if you so choose.

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Q=What if I don't want everything you offer or what if I want more?
A=You need to contact me via the Contact Me page (see button on left) and let me know what you want exactly or what you had in mind. I'll put together something for your viewing and give you a link on the web to see it before you make your final decision.

Q=Do you require long term contracts?
A=Not at all. The longest you'll be required to pay for is three months for Web Design and all but the two smallestHosting plans can be billed Monthly. My design billing is quarterly. You may however, send in payments to cover semiannual or annual payments.

Q=Do you have different packages and prices?
A=Yes.  And if you don't see what you want in the Design or Hosting packages, email me from the Contact Me page and let me know what you'd like to see.  I'll be glad to give you a quote.

Q=What do I get for my money?
A=See The Links about Web Hosting and Design.  It's all detailed there.

Q=How do you bill?
A=All charges are accrued monthly but are billed quarterly for Web Design, and Hosting fees are monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Q=How do I pay you?
A=I accept  personal or business check, cashier's check, money order, Debit Card, Credit Card, andPaypal Payments currently.

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Web Site Limits

Q=Do you limit or filter the content on my web site?
A=Right now I have no limit to size (based on what you purchase), but the limits/filters I set are in relationship to content in that I will not manage any website that includes the following: Content that is sexually vulgar/obscene/violent, Violent content or language, racially or ethnically offensive, exploits a minor (any person under the age of 18), Using content that infringes anyone's intellectual property rights, including but not limited to any copyright, trademark, and rights of publicity, rights of privacy, or other proprietary rights, Using material that defames abuses or threatens physical harm to others or oneself, Using content in violation of law, regulations or other legal proceedings including, without limitation, material that solicits or promotes goods, services or activities that are prohibited by law, regulation or other legal proceedings.  SEE TERMS OF USE page.

Q=Is there a limit to size of my site whether you design it or not?
A=For sites I design, you'll be billed according to the number of pages you wish to be included.  For sites that I host, and DO NOT design, you are billed according to a schedule outlined in theHosting page.

Q=Can I have more than one web site?
A=For sites I design or for sites that are subscribed to the hosting plan, you can have as many as you are willing to pay for according to their payment schedule. For Hosting plans, you can have as many as your space allows, including sub domains.  You can even have more than one domain name linked or pointing to the same index page!

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